You can have an unlimited number of different prices per product. We call them price lists and you can give them a unique name (i.e. Wholesale). Setting up a price list will allow you to easily apply your different pricing for your products to a customer.

Note: At the moment you can only set the currency to GBP

Creating a new price list

  • Hover over Products
  • Click on Price Lists
  • Click + NEW PRICE LIST button
  • Give your price list a name (such as Trade or Wholesale) 

Setting products prices for your price list

There are two options to set a price for your products:

Option 1 - In bulk via a CSV file

In the Price List screen, next to the list you want to upload pricing click “Export”.

  • This triggers the downloading the CSV and open to edit.  You should see a list of all of your products and their information. 
  • Scroll to the right-hand side and here you will be able to set your pricing for your chosen price list. 
  • Once done, click the IMPORT button and upload the CSV file you just updated and wait for Veeqo to update all your products.  

Option 2 - One by one through the app

  • On the products page, search and find a product you want to change the price on and click to open the product summary popup.
  • On the left-hand side, you will see you can input a price for your new price list.



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