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Track Cost of Goods Sold with Veeqo by adding cost prices

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Veeqo uses the Average Cost Price method for tracking your Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS). This article explains how to add cost prices to Veeqo.

Examples of where cost prices are used in Veeqo:

Add cost price to a single product

To add cost prices to your products individually, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Inventory Page

  2. Search for a product you want to update and click into the product. This will open the Product Summary.

  3. Click edit on the product details card

4. Scroll to the cost price section and enter your cost price in the provided box

Note: Your currency will automatically be set by the company currency set in your general settings.

5. Click save changes to confirm


Add cost prices in bulk to multiple products

Update multiple products in one go by exporting your products via CSV and updating them in bulk.

Cost prices of kits

When you add a cost price to a product variant that belongs to a kit, Veeqo will recalculate the cost price of the kit based on the combined cost prices of the underlying components.

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