Available on below integrations:

  • Amazon

  • eBay

  • Shopify

  • WooCommerce

  • Magento

  • BigCommerce

  • Etsy

  • Walmart

  • C-Discount

  • PrestaShop

Note: This is not supported for Amazon FBA

How to enable a feature?

To edit the price of your product on a certain channel, you will need to enable "Master of Price" setting that channel. Veeqo can be either set to fetch prices from your channels or it can set to push the prices, but it can't do both. By default your channel is set to pull prices into Veeqo.

1. Settings > Marketplace & Ecommerce Integrations > Select A Channel > Edit > Tick 'Show advanced settings'

2. Enable Veeqo Is Master Of Price.


How to change product price?

1. In the Products section find a product to edit and click it, so that you see the product popup. You will see at the top left list of all the channels linked to this product and its prices;

Product prices for your channels cannot be updated via CSV

2. Click the price of the channel you want amend and type in a new price and click return, the price will then be sent to the channel to update.

Update time can range from a few seconds to more than 10 minutes depending on the channel.


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