You can create an order in Veeqo and take payment directly in Veeqo, which is useful for phone or wholesale orders you receive.

  1. Click Orders in the top menu and then click the + New Order button.


2. Search for an existing customer in the search bar, or create a new one and fill out all of their details. Choose a channel to record this sale against and due date if needed.

Note:  By default, the sale will be recorded against the store Phone but you can add new stores and call them as you want, this is good for when you are doing sales reporting.



3. Enter your customer's shipping address.

 4. In the next section, search for the product using its name or SKU.

You can also scan the item's barcode to pull up the right product.


5. Select payment type. If the customer wishes to pay right away, you can take their payment directly in Veeqo. This will require a connected Stripe account.

Select credit card as payment type and when you hit create order a screen will appear for you to take their card details  


6. Click the Create order button and your order is complete!

If there was stock available and the item was paid for, it will appear in the "Ready to Ship" section. If not, it will be in the "Waiting for Stock" or "Payment Required" sections.


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