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Digital Picking Overview

Using Veeqo’s Digital Picking, you can manage your inventory while picking using the Veeqo Scanner or the Mobile Digital Picking App.

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​Quick Start Guide

To start picking your orders:

  1. Open the app and head to the orders section

  2. Click pick orders.

  3. You will then be presented with which items to pick in order to fulfil the orders. If you have barcodes saved against your products in Veeqo then you can scan your barcodes to confirm pick or manually confirm that the items are picked by tapping the screen.

  4. The default batch size for picking will be 10 orders (up to a maximum of 20 items) e.g. if there are 5 orders with 4 line items in each order then that particular batch will be capped at 5 orders.

  5. Once you have picked all items within the order batch, the orders will be marked as picked and you will see the batch complete screen. The picked items can now be packed and dispatched.

You can set up a custom order view using the picked status filter so you can quickly locate the orders that have been picked.

Multiple Order views can be created where more than 1 picker/packer will work at the same time. Instead of using the picked status you can use the picked by status, creating a custom view per picker/packer.

For more information see our guides on Order Views and Table Customisation.

Best Practice for Digital Picking

Take your digital picking to the next level by:

  • Choosing a picking option

  • Set Batch Size and Print Tote Barcodes

  • Create Priority Picking Queues

  • Set Bin Locations For Your Products

  • Add Product Barcode Data To Veeqo

Picking Options

There are 3 key picking options:

1. Single Tote Picking

Most useful for single line item orders

You will be directed to pick all items required to fulfil every order within your batch into 1 Tote. Scanning the singular Tote Barcode at the Pack station will retrieve all orders with the batch. You can then sort, pack and dispatch each order.

2. Pick to Order
Most useful for multi line item orders

Each order within the batch will be assigned an individual Tote whilst picking. Order items will be picked into the relevant Tote (items are also presented in bin location order). At pack station each Tote can be scanned to retrieve the relevant order on screen for label purchase. Every item within the Tote will belong to that order, requiring no sorting to be done at the packing stage.

3. Most Efficient

Veeqo will decide on a per batch basis if Pick to Pile or Pick to Order will be the most efficient method for that batch. If your batch of orders contains more that 50% of single line item orders then Pick to Pile will be selected.

The pickers will see on screen which method has been selected once they have clicked “accept batch”.

Setting your Batch Size & Print Tote Barcodes

Our recommendation for these settings depend on your workflow, you can choose:

1. Pick to Pile (Recommended for Single Line Item Orders)

If picking and packing is completed by 1 person then simply generate 1 Tote per picker.

If packing is done by a different operative then generate double the amount of totes.

This allows a picker to leave a picked batch with the packer and move onto picking a new batch, reducing unnecessary downtime.

2. Pick to Order (Recommended for Multi Line Item Orders)

If picking and packing is completed by 1 person then use the calculation: Maximum Order Batch Limit X Number of Pickers. For example if your Order Limit is 10 per batch and you have 3 pickers working, you should generate 30 Tote Barcodes.

Note: This should be doubled if Picking and Packing is completed by 2 different operatives.

Follow the ‘Pick to Order’ guidance if ‘Most Efficient’ is your chosen picking option.

Once printed you can attach to Totes. A tote is released when your order is dispatched so can be reused.

We recommend laminating Tote Barcodes before attaching to Tote to maximise durability.

Ad-Hoc Batching

You may want to create a batch of a different size from those set in your rules. These batches do not conform to the Order Batch Limit and Number of Pickers selected in your settings.

Instead, it will assign a single batch based on the orders you've selected on the Orders Page before going to Actions > Pick. The inventory on the selected orders will then be grouped into a single batch ready for picking.

Priority Picking Queues

You can set priority queues should you need to process orders in a particular order (For example: courier pick up schedules or Expedited Delivery Options etc)

This is done using Order Tags. Simply drag and drop the Order Tags into your priority preference. If a tag is not displayed then you can add it to the priority queue by clicking add queue and selecting from the list.

You can disable a tag from a queue or delete it entirely.

A final queue of “Other Orders” will ensure any orders not tagged will still be sent for picking as the lowest priority to prevent missed orders.

Automation rules can be created to auto tag orders as they sync into Veeqo. Head to settings and then click on the Rules Tile to start creating your Automation Rules

Bin Locations

Bin location information should be added to your product data in Veeqo to provide the optimum picking experience.

Products will be presented for picking in ascending bin location order to ensure maximum efficiency. Adding bin location data can be done within the Veeqo Product page or in bulk via csv import.

Product Barcodes

Whilst it is possible to manually confirm a product when picking, product barcode scanning is the most efficient way to eliminate mis picks. Where possible, Veeqo will sync the Product Barcode data when syncing the Product from your Store or Marketplace initially. You can manually update within the Product Screen or in bulk via CSV.


Location: The warehouse or storeroom listed in Veeqo where orders are picked, packed and dispatched from
Tote: The receptacle used to store products during the picking process prior to them being packed
Bin: A specific cataloged place in a warehouse or storeroom where products are kept, like a specific section of a shelf or aisle

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