Android App Overview
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Note: The Two Factor Authentication feature isn't currently supported on the Veeqo Android mobile app. If you would like to disable this so that you can start using the mobile app, you will need to head to Users, where you can then edit and disable the two factor authentication feature.

Getting started

Once you have downloaded and installed the Android App from the Play Store you'll be ready to Login. If you don't already have a Veeqo account you'll first need to sign up via to get your username and password.

If you're looking for a guide on how the picking process works, please visit our Digital Picking Overview

Features & Benefits of the Android App

With Veeqo's Android app you can:

  • Create and edit retailer orders

  • Pick your orders

  • Book-in Purchase Orders

  • Create & Edit Products

  • Update product inventory

  • Access high level insights via the Dashboard

The Veeqo scanner and Android app give you the power to streamline your warehouse workflow digitally. Both now harnessing the same mobile version of Veeqo, allowing efficient workflow around your warehouse and business.

Note: Zebra Scanners are not supported when using the Veeqo App


The Veeqo Scanner and Smartphone app give you a complete view and control of your product, how well they are selling and current stock and pricing.

For how to manage your inventory via the App please see our helpful guide on the subject.

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