Managing your Amazon FBA store with Veeqo
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If you have not yet connected Amazon FBA to Veeqo, click here to find out how!

Managing your FBA orders in Veeqo

When you have integrated your Amazon FBA account you'll be able to keep track of your new FBA orders in the same place as all of your other orders.

They'll be displayed on the Orders page and can be easily filtered by pressing the Amazon FBA filter.

To do this you will need to:

1. Go to the Orders page;

2. Click on the Filters button;

3. You can then expand the Store menu. You will then be able to see your Amazon FBA and FBM stores (as well as any other stores you have integrated into Veeqo)

Note: You can create an Order View (pre-saved filters) so you can access your FBA orders with one click and not have to filter them each time

4. The orders can also be easily identified on the Orders page by the Amazon FBA logo in the store column;

5. The order status will automatically update in Veeqo. Once the Amazon fulfillment centre has shipped your item the order will show the Shipped status in Veeqo. This will help you keep track of the status of the order!

Managing your FBA stock in Veeqo

Important: Veeqo cannot push stock to FBA, we will pull the stock you currently have in FBA into Veeqo.

When you add your new FBA integration Veeqo will automatically create a new location in Veeqo to keep your FBA stock separate.

Your Products page will now show the combined inventory of your FBA and FBM stock, however should you want to know how much stock you have in either your FBM or FBA location we can show a break down of each location you have in Veeqo.

To do this you need to:

1. Go to the Inventory page;

2. Click All to expand the Warehouse list


Analyze your reports to see how your products are selling:

The Amazon FBA store will be included on all the standard Veeqo reports that are available on your account. It will appear as an additional store in the Store filter on your report. You'll then be able to see how well your products are performing on both FBA and FBM, which will help get a real sense of how well your business is performing.

You can learn more on how Veeqo reports work here!

If you would like Amazon to fulfil orders from any of your other stores check out our guide on Multi-Channel Fulfilment

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