To create manual orders in Veeqo you need to have at least one Phone/Direct store. Once you have a store you can start creating manual orders.

1. From Settings>Stores click + New Store and choose the type as either Phone or Direct. And give the store a name and default warehouse.

2. Choose the Currency you want to use for all orders created on this store. If the currency is different to your Veeqo currency found in Settings>General then the products will automatically converted using the latest exchange rates when you draft the new order.

3. In most cases you'll want Veeqo to handle the stock levels for this store. So hit Show Advanced Settings

4. If you want Veeqo to send your customers an email to notify them when their order has been shipped enable the option Send my customer a shipping confirmation email when an order is shipped in Veeqo is enabled

Tip: If you have multiple Direct/Retail stores on your account but you mainly use only one you can set a default store to use

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