• When an order pulls into Veeqo, Veeqo will try and allocate stock to that order.
  • Allocation means that a piece of your inventory has been put aside so that no one else can buy it, but the item is physically still in your warehouse.
  • When the order is shipped, then the allocation is removed and the physical stock decreased.

Allocation example

Below show a product in Veeqo and what happens to its stock before and after an order is received and fulfilled.

  • Stock on hand - Physical number of items you have in stock
  • Allocated - Items in stock but reserved against an order
  • Available - Items that are available to sell (stock on hand less allocated stock). This is the number we report to your stores.

How to allocate stock

  1. Add inventory to individual orders by clicking into Order XYZ -> Allocate
  2. Add inventory to multiple orders by clicking into Actions (order page) -> Allocate. Oldest orders are allocated before newer ones

How does Veeqo decide which warehouse to allocate stock from?

See this guide for more details.

How does allocation affect my shipments?

By default, Veeqo assumes allocations from the same warehouse will be shipped together if stock is available. If you would like to spilt shipments across multiple warehouses, see this guide for more details.

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