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 If you can't fit a customers order in a single box you may want to split the order up so that you can ship the multiple items into more than one parcel. This will allow you to print more than one label for the order without having to manually split the order up.

Please make sure that you haven't shipped any part of this order already. If you have shipped part of the order already then please contact support for further advice.


1. Click into an order and then click REMOVE INVENTORY.

Once you click remove inventory, all allocations for the order will be removed and the order will move into the WAITING FOR STOCK section.

2. Allocate the number of products you want to ship in the first shipment only and then click ADD INVENTORY TO ORDER. This will create your first allocation that you can ship on its own with its own label.

You can then follow the same process for the second part of the order and repeat for the total number of allocations you require until no items are left.

You should then be able to ship both allocations separately.

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