Importing Customers via CSV

Workaround process to import your customer contact data

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New customers are created each time an order with a new customer e-mail address is imported. You can repurpose our CSV order import to upload your customer billing and shipping details.

1. Create a CSV order import channel following this guide

2. Create a placeholder product with the title "Customer Import" and the SKU "customer-import" via this guide

3. Click here to download a blank order CSV import file

4. Add billing and shipping details as needed into the relevant columns and then set the rest of the columns to the below values:

  • status - "shipped"

  • total_price - "0"

  • created_at - "2020-01-01 00:01:00 UTC"

  • payment_type - "cash"

  • shipped_at - "2020-01-01 00:01:00 UTC"

  • sku - "customer-import"

  • qty - "1"

  • number - (Any random number) "P-15480585"

Note: If an order number is not present, the customer will not be imported.

The bellow fields are also required for importing customers:

  • shipping_address_first_name

  • shipping_address_last_name

  • shipping_address_address1

  • shipping_address_city

  • shipping_address_country

  • shipping_address_state

  • shipping_address_zip

5. Head to your orders page and click on the UPLOAD ORDERS button

6. Select the CSV order channel you just created and select your file

7. Click on IMPORT ORDERS to upload and you will receive an e-mail once the import has been completed

8. You can then make those customers into Wholesale Customers by heading to Settings>Customers and editing their customer type

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