Install DirectPrint (Windows)
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You can automatically print your documents from Veeqo, directly to your chosen printer. To do this you will need to download DirectPrint.

Note! Before downloading DirectPrint you will need to enable popups and redirects

  1. Visit the DirectPrint onboarding tool in the Printers & Scales Settings page

  2. Click "DirectPrint for Windows". This will start downloading the DirectPrint.​

  3. When download is complete, open the file

4. This will start the installation setup. Click Next.

5. Click install.

6. The installation will begin. Wait until it says installation is complete

7. When installation is complete, click Close

8. In Veeqo, click refresh on your printers and scales page. You will see all printers installed on your device on this page.

9. To complete set up and auto print documents, you will need to set up your printer settings for each of your templates. To do this, follow this guide.

You have now successfully installed Direct Print for Veeqo! To see your Direct Print logs, see this guide.

Not seeing your printers?
This may be because you don't have Java installed.

1. Go to
2. Select Operating System Windows
3. Select .msi for your version of Windows

4. Follow installation steps

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