DirectPrint Overview

Autoprint overview

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DirectPrint Overview

DirectPrint allows you to print your templates from the Veeqo web app directly to your printer - without having to download the PDF first and choosing a printer each time.

You can also connect your USB Weighing scales to be used when shipping your orders in Veeqo.

Note: You can currently print up to 100 documents at a time

DirectPrint with the Onboarding Wizard

Getting started with DirectPrint is nice and simple, our Onboarding wizard includes steps on getting it up and running as part of setting up Veeqo. If you skipped the step when onboarding with Veeqo, follow the steps in this guide to get it up and running and take the stress out of printing.

From the Onboarding Wizard, you can use our DirectPrint onboarding tool in the Printers & Scales Settings page to make sure you’ve installed the correct version and have the right settings for your workflow.

Note: Before downloading DirectPrint you will need to enable popups and redirects

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To use the tool, just walk through the steps, starting with clicking DirectPrint for Mac/Windows

Note: The DirectPrint onboarding tool will detect which installer you need based on the device you’re using

Once installed, the tool will show you on the Printers and Scales settings menu if DirectPrint is connected or not and if not, some simple steps to get it working.

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Installing DirectPrint

Note: DirectPrint is not supported on Chromebook/AndroidOS at this time

Here you can find guides on how to download and install DirectPrint for MacOS and Windows:
Install DirectPrint (Mac)
Install DirectPrint (Windows)

Note: In addition to the onboarding tool, you can also install DirectPrint from the print queue menu, Go to the printer icon at the top right of your screen to enter the print queue and click the button to install for your OS.

Setting up your printers with DirectPrint

This option allows you to print directly to your chosen printer instead of generating a PDF.

Note: These settings are set on a user level so you can set different printers depending on the user that is printing the documents.

  1. Go to the settings COG

  2. Go to the printers and scales page

  3. If DirectPrint has been installed correctly you will see the ‘Connected’ badge on the menu


4 From this page you will see all of your available printing templates and radio buttons of all available printers.

5. To enable DirectPrint, use the radio buttons to choose the printer you would want to use per template option.

6. Turn on the toggle under “Remember Choice?”

7. Click “Save”

Using Scales in Veeqo with DirectPrint

With our DirectPrint feature you can use your USB scales to automatically enter the weight of your packed parcel to generate your shipping labels. To find out how to use scales with Veeqo, check out the guide here.

Troubleshoot DirectPrint

Having issues with DirectPrint? We now have a guide to troubleshoot common issues.

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