Using Scales in Veeqo
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With our DirectPrint feature you can use your USB scales to automatically enter the weight of your packed parcel to generate your shipping labels. This will save you time at the packing desk and could also prevent you from overcharging or getting surcharges from your carriers.


  • Before you start you'll need to make sure you have DirectPrint installed on your PC/Mac that has the USB Scales connected. For steps on how to download and install the app check out This Guide.

  • The Salter Brecknell scale will not work with DirectPrint

Setting up your scales in Veeqo

Once you have installed DirectPrint follow these steps to start using your scales:

  1. Connect your USB Scales to your device and check they are switched on.

  2. Login to Veeqo and head to Settings

  3. Go to the Printers and Scales menu

  4. Click on the Scales tab

  5. Select the scales you would like to use when logged in as the current user.

  6. Clive Save

Weighing your parcels with your connected scales

If you're using Veeqo in US
To weigh your order using your connected scales:

  1. When shipping an Order, place the package on the USB Scales and hit the Scales icon highlighted below:

Screenshot 2022-10-28 at 15.44.37.png

2. The total order weight will update

3. Click Save

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