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Using a barcode scanner with Veeqo
Using a barcode scanner with Veeqo
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Which barcode scanner can I use?

You can use any standard USB or bluetooth barcode scanner. We find the USB scanners easier to setup as you just plug it in and they work straight away.

Finding orders

When you print off your invoice or packing slip from Veeqo, we include a barcode on them automatically (based on its order ID). When you're in the Orders page, you can scan one of these invoices and Veeqo will find and show you that order automatically.

Finding products

If your products don't have barcode labels, you can print them from Veeqo first. We also include product barcodes on the picking list.

In the Products page, click in the search bar, then scan your product barcode. Veeqo will search and show you that product.

Packing Orders

To improve accuracy you can force packers to scan each item on the order before they can ship it. For more information check out This Guide.

Note: This article is for packing in Veeqo and how to scan barcodes from templates using a basic barcode scanner. If you are looking to pick items using a Veeqo scanner please see the this guide

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