Batch picking in Veeqo is automating how the order picking process is managed, using web Veeqo and the Veeqo Scanner. 

A batch is a group of orders sent to your fulfilment staff to be picked in the warehouse. Depending on whether your orders are single line item or multi-line item orders, you are able to create either pick to pile or pick to order batches. Once orders are picked, they are taken to packing stations to be packed up and shipped.

To view progress on how your team are doing throughout the day, there is a picking dashboard on the desktop app. Head to dashboard > picking dashboard, this shows selected order tags and how many items have been picked for each on that day. 

On your Veeqo Scanner or android app head to the menu and select picking. Hit the big arrow to start batch picking your orders. You will be taken to the screen below which tells you how many items you have to pick and how many different locations these items are in. From here you will be able to scan your tote, simply scan on your Veeqo Scanner or hit the camera icon on your Android app.  

Notes: Totes are barcodes you attach to your picking bins which you fill with your orders as you pick. If you have not downloaded your tote barcodes yet do so by heading to Setting> Digital picking on your desktop app and hitting the print tote Labels to start using them.

After scanning your tote you will be taken to this screen where you can either scan the barcodes of your product or manual select how many items you have picked by:

Tapping the order> selecting how many items you have picked> swiping left> hitting the arrow once complete.

This will then take you to your next item to pick or let you know you have completed your batch.

Note: Currently you cannot create manual picking batches. For example, you cannot select a batch of orders on the web app (desktop) and they will then appear/be pushed as a picking batch on the mobile app.

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