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DirectPrint Troubleshooting

Common issues with DirectPrint on Windows and MacOS

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In this guide, we'll list some common issues with DirectPrint and how to fix them on MacOS and Windows.

To instal DirectPrint, see this guide.

Printers not listed


Due to a bug with Java, printer listings may fail on Mac.

The current workaround is to:

  • Open your Mac's System Preferences

  • Go to Printers and Scanners

  • Right Click > Reset Printing System

  • Re-add all printers


Although rare, there are scenarios of not being able to list printers, only being able to list one printer, or listing printers takes several minutes to complete. This is likely caused by a driver conflict with another printer or printer driver.

The workaround is to remove the offending printer or printer driver.

Note: DirectPrint is not supported on Chromebook/AndroidOS at this time

Conflicting Applications

The following applications may cause issues with installation.

  • Older Java versions: DirectPrint works best with Java 11 or higher. Older versions may conflict with DirectPrint and cause it to fail to start.

    • If possible, uninstall all versions of Java, JRE, JDK or OpenJDK from the system and install Java 11 or higher.

  • Antivirus Software: Some antivirus applications may prevent DirectPrint from installing or running.

    • Comodo Antivirus will force application containment on the DirectPrint installer and prevent it from being installed, uninstalled and prevent it from running. Moreover, disabling Comodo will have very little effect because it will re-enable itself without warning. DirectPrint is not supported with Comodo Antivirus.

  • Other Antivirus:

    • Application containment: If the antivirus forces application containment, please disable this application containment for DirectPrint and the Java Runtime which it uses.

    • Web Filtering: If the antivirus blocks access to local ports or localhost certificates, please disable or whitelist https://localhost:8181, http://localhost:8182.

      Temporary File Access: If the antivirus blocks access to the temporary directory, please disable or whitelist the DirectPrint installer.

Finding Your DirectPrint Logs

Sometimes you may want to see your logs for DirectPrint, often if our support team asks for them, to get to your logs follow these steps:

  1. Open the DirectPrint application

  2. Once DirectPrint has loaded, you will see the Veeqo logo appear at the top of the screen.

3. Click on the Veeqo logo and choose “Advanced”

4. Click “Diagnostic”

5. Click “View Logs.” This will show you a live feed of your printing logs

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