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Troubleshooting Printing shipping label issues
Troubleshooting Printing shipping label issues
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What are shipping labels?
Shipping labels are nearly all 4" x 6" in size and you use a special label printer to print them such as Dynamo or Zebra printers.

Veeqo creates the labels in PDF format in the exactly the right size.

Shipping label printing problems

  • Labels too small or big

  • Wrong orientation

  • Blurry barcodes

  • Printing multiple copies

What is causing these problems?
Nearly always this is a printer settings issue and can be fixed by following the below guides for either Windows or Mac computers.

Windows users

  1. Select the 'Devices and Printers' option within the 'Control Panel' of the computer. Right click on the label printer (Zebra in our example) and select 'Printer Properties' (Printer names may vary).


2. In the following pop-up window go to the 'Advanced' tab then select 'Printing defaults'.

3. In Printing defaults set Paper Format to 'inch', Size Width to '4.00' and Size Height to '6.00'.


4. You will now need to calibrate your printer. To do this click on the 'Tools' tab. Then click 'Action' and 'Calibrate media' then click 'Send' at the bottom of the page.

Please note: This will feed some blank labels through your printer.

5. Next click on the Dithering tab and select none.

Then click 'Apply' and 'OK' and you will be returned to the 'Advanced' screen where you originally selected 'Printing Defaults'.

Please note: Setting Dithering to None ensures that the newer 2D barcode is printed properly and will scan through the network.

Any other setting here reduces the accuracy of the 2D barcode to the point where the labels you produce may not scan through your shipping carriers network.



Mac Users

  1. To set up a custom paper size 4in x 6in we use Word. You can also use Adobe Reader, Preview, or other document viewing applications to help setup a custom paper size.

  2. Open up Word then select File and Page Setup.

3. In Page Setup change Format For to the printer you are using and select Drop Down for Paper Size. You may also want to select your orientation for your layout.

4. Select Manage Custom Sizes.

5. Click on the (+) to add Name to custom Size. I used Sample and a label of 4x6. For Printer Margins      Select your Printer and for borders make them all Zero's. Then Click Ok.

6. Word will show you Paper size you created . Now I put Test Print to test. Go to File Print.

6. Once you have tested printing the paper size, exit Word (or Adobe/Preview/document application).

7. Go to System Preferences and select Printers and Scanners.

8. Select your label printer from the list

9. Change the default paper size for the label printer to the 4 x 6 custom label you just created.

10. Save/lock this change to the printer. Now your labels are ready to be printed using your label printer in 4in x 6in.


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