You are now able to see inbound stock for your Amazon FBA inventory, so that you don't accidentally send there more than required.

How to enable it?

  1. Go to Marketplace & ecommerce integrations;

  2. Select your Amazon FBA channel;

  3. Go to Edit;

  4. Find “How Stock Is Synced”;

  5. Select Configure;

  6. It will lead you to company General Settings;

  7. Again find “How Stock Is Synced” in new window;

  8. Click Save.

  • Inbound stock will come under the "In Transit" column in Veeqo product settings with a “+” sign.

Important notes:

  • Keep in mind that since the option is applied for the whole company, each update of the setting will update this behavior for the other FBA channels within the company as well.

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