Amazon FBA Stock Transfers

Using our CSV import feature, you may import your Amazon FBA stock shipments and create picking lists for your team.

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1. Click here to create a new CSV store

2. Select CSV as the type

3. Select the relevant Default location from which you want to book out the stock from

4. Select Track stock on this store

5. Name the store FBA Stock Transfer CSV

6. Click SAVE

7. Download the FBA Stock Transfer Conversion File here

8. Go to your Amazon Seller Central and download your FBA shipment pack list via the below video

9. Open the FBA shipment pack list and copy all contents from it

10. Paste the copied FBA data (from step 9) in the sheet tab with the name "Paste Here" from the FBA Stock Transfer Conversion File (from step 7)

11. Navigate to the sheet tab called "Veeqo Format"

12. Copy all rows that have data in the "sku" column

13. Paste this into the sheet tab called "Upload file"

14. Save the sheet tab "Upload file" as a separate CSV file

15. Go to Veeqo's Orders page and click on the UPLOAD ORDERS button

16. Select the CSV Store called FBA Stock Transfer CSV and select the format as Veeqo and then select Add CSV File

Once the order has uploaded, the order has booked out stock out of your self fulfilled location. This order is now ready to be picked and packed in Veeqo!

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