You can export all your products into a CSV (spreadsheet) file, which you can then edit and upload back into Veeqo with all the changes you have made. You can also use the CSV bulk update tool to transfer stock from one location to another for all your inventory.

Before updating your products:

  • DO NOT edit the product_id field as this defines which product you are updating. If you change this it may cause duplicates.
  • If you are manually adding a new product to Veeqo via CSV then leave the product_id field blank. Veeqo will then auto assign a product ID. 
  • If you don't want to update your stock levels, the total_qty field should be removed. 

How do I update / edit my products in bulk?

  1. Export the latest version of your Veeqo Products. To find out how to do this please see this guide.
  2. Edit the data in your CSV file in Excel/OpenOffice or similar programs then save the file as a .CSV (We recommend that you save the file under a new name as this will provide you with a backup file should you make a mistake)For information on how to update stock levels through CSV please see this guide

How do I add product variants?

  • Each variant should be on its own line in the CSV file. 
  • Each of your variants should have exactly the same product_title with a different variant_title.

For example: 

  • The product_title value the same ("MENS SUPERMAN SHORT SLEEVE T-SHIRT")
  • Set a value for the variant_title to specify the variant value ("Size" - for example)
  • This is how it should look: 

What CSV fields can I edit and what fields are required?

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