Receive Purchase Order

Receive POs on desktop, the Veeqo scanner or the Android app

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When goods are delivered from your supplier, receive your purchase orders in Veeqo.

Why is this helpful?

  • Manage supplier relationships and outstanding purchase orders

  • Reconcile received goods with supplier invoices

  • Coordinate with accounting teams for payment

  • Maintain accurate inventory levels for each product in every location

  • Manage the location receiving process with software

What happens when purchase orders are received?

  1. Available inventory levels for received items increase

  2. Incoming inventory levels for received items decrease

  3. The status for received line items on purchase orders is updated

  4. If the auto-allocation setting is enabled, available inventory is automatically allocated to the oldest backorders (if any)

  5. Inventory change history is captured and available for audit

In this section:

Receive purchase orders on desktop

  1. Search for the Purchase Order in mind and scroll to the Products section.

  2. Check the items you want to fully receive and click the Receive button.

  3. If the amount that the supplier sent you is different from what you ordered, you can manually enter the actual amount you received and click Save. If the received amount is higher that the Order Qty then a pop up message will appear to make you aware that you cannot undo the Received Qty amount once the Purchase Order has been saved.

  4. When there are no more items expected from the supplier for this Purchase Order, mark the PO as Complete. This will close the Purchase Order and can not be re-opened again.


Receive purchase orders on the Veeqo scanner or Android app

See this help guide for more details

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