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How our Xero integration works
How our Xero integration works
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  • Veeqo pushes orders from Veeqo into Xero as sales invoices. Orders from Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, eBay and Amazon can be easily imported.

  • Set cost prices in Veeqo for your products and every time an order is exported, we will create a journal in Xero to decrease your stock value and put into your COGS on your profit & loss in Xero. So you get accurate profits showing in Xero.

  • Create a Purchase Order to your supplier and we will create a supplier invoice in Xero.

  • We do not push Shipping & Handling column data from Purchase Order CSV file to Xero

  • Map which accounts in Xero we should export your data into, we pull these from your Xero account.

  • Refunded orders do not update the order in Xero

  • We do not update stock quantity in Xero.


  • Add Advisor Option - so you can view COGS journals and approve

  • Add Stock on Hand Account - this is where we will add new stock value for PO’s raised in Veeqo

  • Set Starting Balance - this is the starting value of current stock in your location. We will add/subtract from this as PO’s/Sales Invoices are raised

  • We do not sync any actual Product Data or create line items - we only sync monetary values. 

  • Veeqo should be your Product Information Hub


  • Veeqo will send across any new sales invoices raised since the last sync. These will be sent either as a draft invoice (in which case client needs to authorise in Xero) or as an authorised invoice immediately depending on the settings

  • We will raise an invoice against the existing Xero contact if it exists or will create a new contact where necessary.

  • We will raise a Sales Invoice and automatically mark the order as paid providing you have set up a bank account with a code and set the preferences in Veeqo

  • Veeqo's integration with Xero will import your COGS into Xero, so you can see your gross profit in Xero for everything you've sold.

  • This is done by creating a journal for every sales invoice that's imported into Xero. This credits your "Stock on Hand" account and debits the "COGS" account.

  • This means we move cost of what you paid for an item from your stock account and put this amount into your profit and loss account.

  • You must post the Manual Journals once they have reached Xero

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