Connecting your Vend POS
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How does the Vend integration work?

  • New orders will be download from Vend to Veeqo within seconds;

  • On Account and Lay By orders will be pulled into Veeqo and sit in Unpaid section of orders screen. Once these orders are transitions to "On Account Closed" status in Vend we will sync the update and move the order in Veeqo to show as "Shipped";

  • When you create an order in Vend, this order will sync into Veeqo as shipped and decrease the stock accordingly;

  • New products added to Vend should pull into Veeqo within a few minutes.

  • When stock levels change for a product in Veeqo, the changes will be pushed to Vend immediately;

  • After the initial sync with Vend, Veeqo will not be able to pull down stock levels from your store and will only push stock levels to the store.

  • Note: Vend API is only available for Vend Pro plan or higher, therefore you won't be able to integrate Vend in Veeqo if you are on a lower plan.

How to connect your Vend POS?

2. Click on the + New Store button;

3. For channel type, select Vend;

4. Set your basic channel details:

- Name: Give your store a name to be used in Veeqo e.g. POS Highstreet;

- Default Location: You can leave the pre-filled value there as you will be able to select location for different outlets later in the set-up;

- Currency: Select the currency which you are selling in on this store e.g. For Vend UK you may be selling in British Pound whereas Vend US may be US Dollar. Veeqo will convert any orders from these stores into the set base currency of your Veeqo account;

5. Make sure to select the linking settings that are relevant to you in the section

6. Check Show Advanced Settings checkbox, scroll down a bit further to the section How Products Are Synced and choose the settings for your company

7. Click on Save

8. If you already have an API key, proceed to step 9

If you don't currently have an API key, get the Veeqo account owner to create an API key for you via this guide.

9. Head back to Settings > Stores and open your new Vend channel;

10. Click on Authorize Connection;

11. This will open a new tab, enter your Veeqo log-in e-mail address and click on Next;

You will also need to map where you wish the Vend SKU & Handle data to be imported into the Veeqo Product. It can be common practice if scanners are used with Vend that Barcode is inserted into the "Vend SKU" field in which case you can advise Veeqo that the "SKU" in Vend is not actually what Veeqo should determine as a SKU and should in fact be placed in Veeqo's "Barcode" Field.

You can now decide if you want the Vend Handle to "Not Import" or to be added to the Veeqo SKU field.

Note: That we are unable to import Vend Handles if you have set up Products with Variants in Vend.

12. Click on Connect My Vend;

13. Log into your Vend account;

14. Click on Allow Access on the new prompt;

15. Assign the correct outlet to the matching location if you have more than one and then click on Next;

16. Enter your Veeqo log-in details and click on Submit.

If you face an error stating: "For the access to Veeqo application, you need the Developer Access addon", please upgrade to Pro plan on Vend.

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