If you want to connect an external application though the Veeqo API then you will need to generate API credentials in the form of an API key.

Generating an API key:

  • Login into your Veeqo account

  • Head to Settings

  • Click on Users 

  • Click on your user or + NEW USER  (easier to track application activity)

  • Once you have created the user, head back to the Users page

  • Under the ACTIONS column, click the pencil icon

  • Scroll down to the API Key section

  • Click 'Refresh API Key'

  • An API key will then be generated for that user.

Note: Save your API Key! Treat them like you would any other password, since whoever has access to the API Key has full API access to the Veeqo account. 

We have recently made a change that means that the API key will only be displayed when it is first created to increase security. We recommend you create a new user for each integration that needs an API key and store it securely.

If you lose an API key, you can always create a new one. 

This information can also be found in the API Documentation

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