Shopify POS/ multi- location FAQ
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Shopify multi- location is a way to sell over multiple locations with one Shopify account. You can enable Shopify Multi location with Veeqo so we can pull in your orders and track stock from your stock locations, retail stores (Shopify POS) and any other place you store and manage your inventory. To connect your Shopify POS to Veeqo. See this guide.

When you connect a Shopify POS store to Veeqo it will be directly associated to a new location in veeqo as it is a physical location.

What is the difference between my web location and stores enabled for online selling?

Web location:
This option is the location where your online orders will be placed. This is usually the Shopify website location that will be linked to your main stock location in Veeqo.

Online selling:
This option is used to identify a separate location that will also be able to fulfil online orders if the main stock location selected doesn’t have enough inventory available.


  • Please make sure that if you are choosing to have another location fulfil online orders that the stock location is added to the location prioritisation in the stores settings in Veeqo.

  • If you do not want to fulfil your online orders from a location this should not be included in the priority list.

What statuses will my POS orders sync to Veeqo?

  • Your normal POS orders will come in to Veeqo in the shipped status

  • If you use the "ship to customer" option in your Shopify POS we will pull in the orders as ready to ship if stock is available or waiting for stock if it's not

Can I serve web orders from my POS store?

  • Veeqo is master of stock- If Veeqo is master of stock for Shopify you can serve web orders from your POS store.

  • Store is master of stock - Only the web location can serve web orders.

Can I share a stock location between my Web location and my POS store?

The default location of the primary Shopify store can not be added as a stock location of your POS Shopify location.

If you exclusively fulfil orders for your web location from your POS locations you will still need to have a web location in Veeqo. You can create a virtual location in Veeqo with the stock levels set to 0 and then enable you POS stores for online selling to allocate your orders you POS locations.

Can I pull returns from my Shopify POS into Veeqo?

No, we will not pull returns from Shopify, however, we can push the returned status to Shopify and Shopify POS if the return is done in Veeqo.

How does stock syncing work with POS?

Stock syncing with POS works based on the settings of your main Shopify store. If Veeqo is the master of stock for Shopify and all of your POS locations are mapped to a location in Veeqo, we will push stock to your stores. If the store is master of stock we will pull the stock level from your store.

If I have shopify multi location set up, can I allocate my POS orders to other locations?

Shopify POS orders can only be allocated to the location the order is made from as it is a physical store.

Can I add more than one Shopify web location to my multi location setup in Veeqo?

Only one website can be used in Veeqo within the multi location setup, however, other Shopify websites can be connected separately to Veeqo.

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