Estimated Delivery Time For Amazon Listings
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By default Amazon sets products to be dispatched within 2 days, but it is possible in some listings for you to amend this in Amazon.

If your listings use a different value, then you can set this in Veeqo for your product in the details tab of the product. We are not able to pull this value from Amazon, so you will need to set it in Veeqo even if you have already done it Amazon.

if you do not set this figure in veeqo then the handling time will be reset to the 2-day default every time we send inventory updates for this listing

How to set Estimated Delivery Times for products sold on Amazon

1. Head to the Inventory page and click into the Product you want to amend.

2. Click Edit on the shipping details section of the product

3. Enter your expected handling time in the text box provided under "Days to Ship (Estimated Delivery):"

4. Click Save changes to confirm

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