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Bin Location Overview
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In Veeqo we can optimize your picking and stock take routes using Bin locations.

How it works

Veeqo will sort the products for you to pick or count in alpha-numerical order of the bin locations you enter.


  • If I have products with the bin locations 0001 and 0010 in an order, the product with location 0001 will be picked first.

  • If I have products with locations 2 and 11 in an order, 11 will show first as the 1 in the first “column” will take priority, in order to prevent this you would need to input 2 as 02​

Setting up

To set up optimal picking/ stock take routes follow these steps:

  1. Add bin locations to your products in alphanumerical order according to the optimal route around your location.

  2. For digital picking and stock taking, the items in the pick/ stock take will be automatically sorted in order of bin location.

Note: We recommend using a uniform method for adding your bin locations to ensure that this works correctly. You can use a mix of both letters and numbers in your locations however you will need to ensure that these are in the same digit of the location.


If you have a location A1234 you shouldn’t then have a location 1B234 as it can complicate things with the system not knowing whether to prioritize the number or the letter in your location.

1B234, A1234, 1BC12

A1234, A1334, C2145

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