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Products VS Listings
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Before getting started it is useful to know the differences between your products and listings. Veeqo is committed to helping you manage your inventory in the most efficient way and in order for us to do that, you will need to know how we differentiate these terms.


Firstly, it is important to know that you will only need one product in Veeqo for each corresponding product in your location, no matter how or where it is sold. This is how we keep accurate stock levels across multiple platforms.
​For example:

You sell a Jar of coffee on Shopify and you also sell the same item on Amazon, there would only be a need for one product in Veeqo.

During the initial syncing process, Veeqo would pull the listings from your store and will link the listing to the existing product (depending on your store settings)

If you have duplicate products in Veeqo you can merge them in order for us to keep accurate stock levels.


Listings are what you have advertised to sell on your store(s). We will pull these into Veeqo from your sales channel. They will need to be linked to the corresponding product in Veeqo for us to pull in your orders and maintain accurate stock levels.
Each listing that is pulled in from your store will be separate and will have the corresponding store icon against it.
​For example:
If you sell your jar of coffee on Amazon and Shopify these will be pulled into Veeqo as separate listings which will need to be linked to the same product in Veeqo.
The same applies here if you have two different prices for the same product on your store or a Shopify recharge subscription option.

To find out how to link your listings, you check check out this help guide

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