Shopify Quick-Sale products

Help with the use of quick-sale products on Shopify POS

Updated over a week ago

If you have a Shopify store and are using Shopify POS to run transactions through a bricks-and-mortar location, it is likely that from time to time, quick sale products will be used in order to process a custom sale through Shopify POS.

Due to the way that Shopify creates these custom sales products using a quick-sale process, Veeqo will pull in the quick-sale product along with the order.

However - due to the nature of the integration, Veeqo will not be able to link these newly created products to preexisting products - meaning that duplicates will be created with 0 inventory.

The product in Veeqo itself WILL show that it was created via quick-sale in the duplicated product history as well as the corresponding order and the 0 inventory value (as you have just sold what is deemed to be the only one in stock based on the creation of the quick-sale product).

While we would advise that Veeqo does not manage quick-sale products in a way that will auto-link based on channel settings, if you do use quick-sale products you can merge these products via our Product Merge & Review process.

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