What is Product Review and Merge?

Product Merge is a new way for Veeqo retailers to merge duplicate products. Duplicate products are created when a product's SKU does not match across the stores it is sold on. When a product is duplicated, stock levels become inaccurate. So finding and merging duplicates is the best way to make sure your stores are all connected and your stock is correct.

This help guide will go through:

Merge duplicate products

  1. Select the review marker of the product you wish to merge

  2. Veeqo will suggest potential products to merge. Alternatively, you may search by SKU code or name

  3. Select the product attributes you want to keep, by clicking the 'Attribute' button next to your chosen product.

  4. Once all duplicate products are places in your basket, select “merge variants”.

  5. At this point, Veeqo will keep suggesting new products to review in the window open. You can work through these products or exit the review window and come back to them at a later date


Remove review flags

If you know your product is only sold in one store, you can remove the review flag a few different ways:

  1. Click the x on the right side of the review flag

  2. Select the review flag, and hit the "marked as reviewed" button.

  3. Select all of the product you want to mark as reviewed. Select the action button on the left-hand side of the screen and click 'Mark as reviewed'. 

Only mark your product as reviewed if you are sure that it is not a duplicate.

Unmerge a product

If you have incorrectly merged a product, follow these steps to unmerge it.

  1. Select the product tab in the menu 

  2. Find the product you wish to unmerge. Search the product name or SKU code in the search bar

  3. Select the product and select the Listings tab 

  4. Find the variant you wish to unmerge and select it

  5. Click the Action button and select Unmerge and create new product


Once you have done this a new product will be added to your product catalog. The original product attributes will be used and the stock will be unlinked. 

Scenarios where items cannot be merged

There are several scenarios where catalog items cannot be merged:

  • An item is a virtual bundle or kit

  • An item is included in the contents of a virtual bundle or kit

  • An item has pending returns

  • An item is in an active digital picking batch

  • An item is being transferred between warehouses

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