There are two issues that could appear when you're connecting Vend store.

  • Veeqo user token has already been taken
  • Veeqo channel token has already been taken

Please make sure you meet these criteria before following this guide:

  1. New Vend channel created on Veeqo;
  2. The new integration is created by another user OR same user re-generated an API key;
  3. Email passed on the Vend connector side is unique.

Note: If you did not find your situation listed above please contact customer support for assistance.

Issue 1: Channel token has already been taken

Fix: Archive channel and create a new one. Veeqo will generate a new token.

Issue 2: User token has already been taken


  1. Go to Settings > Users
  2. Select a user whose email you will use for the new Vend store
  3. Click on the "Refresh API key" button

Note: If both of the tokens have been taken you need to refresh both of them:

  • Veeqo user token
  • Veeqo channel token
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