Potential causes:

Reason: Product in Veeqo has no Barcode

Fix: Enter barcode and click save.

Reason: Product in Veeqo has an incorrect barcode

Fix: check that all of the listings attached to this product are for the correct product

if there are for the correct product then ensure that the listings themselves have the correct barcode attached.

If you do use different barcodes on different listings but you do not want the Veeqo Barcode to be updated then you can disable setting “x” in the stores which will prevent Veeqo from pulling product updates to existing products.

Reason: Barcode in an unusual format eg 6.54655E+16

Fix: This is likely due to product import. Excel can sometimes change the format of a cell when there is a long string of digits. The result is that if you import the file whilst the cell is in this format then your barcode in Veeqo will appear in this format and thus become unreadable by any scanning functionality. You will need to correct the barcode in Veeqo and for any future product file imports either correct the format before importing the file or “ignore” the uoc_code column within the Product Import Wizard so that we do not perform any update to this field when you import your file

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