Read this article about why this is vital.

1. Click on the matching Veeqo product to open the product pop up

2. Click on + NEW VARIANT

3. Type the following into the new variant form

Description field - NOTH

SKU field - A unique SKU that doesn't match any of your existing SKUs, perhaps use the product SKU prefix in combination with the suffix "-NOTH", like the below example "SUP-NOTH"

4. Click on SAVE

5. Set the stock to infinite or a random high stock value to make it purchasable on NOTH

6. Head to your NOTH admin panel and find the matching product and give it the same SKU code (it would be "SUP-NOTH" in the above example)

7. Once a NOTH order syncs into Veeqo for one of the variants, take a mental note of the line item note

8. Click on EDIT

9. On the products search, search for the "real" variant that has the correct stock on it

10. Delete the NOTH line item

11. Click on SAVE

Now the order is ready to be picked and shipped:

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