There are many ways to pick your orders in Veeqo. Check out the Picking Your Orders article to view the many alternatives. 

The Standard Digital Picking in Veeqo gives you the ability to pick your orders in Mobile or on the Webapp. If you're looking for an automated way of picking your products efficiently then check out Veeqos Advanced Digital Picking.

The Standard Digital Picking is available on the iOS, Android and Veeqo Scanners.

iOS App

With the iOS Veeqo app, you can create a picking list in seconds. This means you can save time in your warehouse when you're collecting the products you need to fulfil your orders.

  •  Select the order status (e.g. Ready to Ship) from the dropdown to filter orders you'd like to pick products for. Click the Pick Orders button and then select the orders you'd like to pick.

  • On the next screen, you're ready to select orders to pick and can filter them by warehouse. By selecting the warehouse you're currently in, you'll be shown the orders with stock located in that warehouse. If not all the products in the order are in your current warehouse, you'll only be shown the products that are in your pick list and not the ones from a different warehouse.

  • You can select orders individually to pick or hit the Pick All button at the bottom of the screen to select all orders for that filter.

  • Now you're picking list has been created with all the products to fulfil your selected orders! Each product shows you: Product name and image Sub-location SKU Quantity to pick

 To pick your items, you can either:

  • Pick the quantity manually by hitting the pick button highlighted in the screenshot above.

  • Hit scan at the bottom of the screen (also highlighted in the screenshot above) and scan each product's barcode.

Each time you use the pick button or scan a barcode, it will pick 1 from the stock quantity of the product that needs to be picked.

  • When scanning the barcodes, you'll be shown what's left to pick on the bottom half of the screen. You can still pick manually by hitting the button for each product on the right.

  • If you're picking manually or hit the back button on the scan screen, you can see how many products have been picked/how many are left to pick.

  • To unpick an item, just hit the 'Unpick' button highlighted in the screen above and this will unpick 1 from the stock quantity of that product.

  • Once you've picked all the products from the list, you'll see this screen! If you need to unpick any orders, go to the select orders screen in Step 2 and the orders that have been picked or partially picked will be shown there. Picked orders are marked with green and partially with orange. Select those orders and unpick stock from them.

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