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Solve Product CSV Import Errors
Solve Product CSV Import Errors
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If you're having trouble importing your product CSV, you can check this article to see if there is a solution to your error. If you are unable to locate a solution below, then please get in touch with us!

​CSV download opens as text in a new browser window

Once your export is ready and you've clicked 'DOWNLOAD' from the new notification in the top right of the navigation bar, the file may open with all the data as a text file. If this happens, you need to save this to create the CSV file by selecting CMD + S (for mac) or CTRL + S (for windows).

Please check your input

This error occurs when you try to import a large amount of products into Veeqo. The threshold is between 3,000 - 5,000 products. If you import above that amount, you may find that the the file does not import. It is recommended that if you have a large amount of products to import that you split the file up into chunks.

Product descriptions including HTML when importing

If you've exported your products leaving the 'do not export description column' unchecked, your products would have exported with their full descriptions in the CSV. This would include any HTML descriptions.

If you edit your exported CSV to update your products in bulk, when re-importing the CSV the extra characters (such as < , > , / ) from the HTML descriptions will cause the upload to fail.

Header title can't be blank

Header names can't be blank on the first line of your CSV. The first line of your CSV header should look like:

sku_code, product_title, variant_title, sales_price, cost_price, brand, upc_code, image_url, weight_grams, product_id, min_reorder_level, quantity_to_reorder, max_reorder_level, width, depth, height, dimensions_unit, tax_rate, estimated_delivery, tags, product_properties, variant_options, tarrif_code, qty_on_hand, total_qty, total_stock_value, location

Remember to check for extra white spaces at the end of the first line.

Invalid characters in row **

This error is caused by invalid characters included in the CSV you're trying to import. To fix this, check your CSV file is UTF-8 encoded or go through the file and remove the invalid characters (e.g. ?, !, #). Dashes ( - ) are accepted.

To enable UTF-8 encoding, open the file in Notepad and when you save it, make sure that UTF-8 encoding is specified in the save dialog.

Invalid characters in number fields

Your CSV either has letters or is blank where the file is expecting numbers. Please check the fields have the correct characters. For example, when adding a product price if a currency symbol (£) is used this will cause an error.

Barcode / UPC looks strange after importing

If you've noticed your Barcode / UPC is no longer working or looks strange, it may be due to the decimal places setting in your spreadsheet editor.

To check if your decimal places setting is at 0 for the Barcode / UPC column, open the CSV in Excel. If your Barcode / UPC column looks similar to the screenshot below, select the column. Right click one of the cells and select 'FORMAT CELLS'. Select 'NUMBER' from the category column, set the 'DECIMAL PLACES' to 0 and hit 'OK'.

Cost Price is not a number

This error usually means that there is a value in the cost_price field that isn't a number.

Illegal Quoting in line X

This is down to an illegal character being present in the line number quoted.

Invalid "variant_options" field 

The error usually reveals that you need to ensure that this field is in a JSON format
Example: {"Size":"Large","Color":"Red"}.

The title can't be blank

This error usually means that that a column with the word 'title' is blank.
For example, there is a product missing its product title


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