• When an order pulls into Veeqo, Veeqo will try and allocate stock to that order.
  • Allocation means that a piece of your inventory has been put aside so that no one else can buy it, but the item is physically still in your warehouse.
  • When the order is shipped, then the allocation is removed and the physical stock decreased.

Allocation example

Below show a product in Veeqo and what happens to its stock before and after an order is received and fulfilled.

  • Stock - Physical number of items you have in stock
  • Allocated - Items in stock but reserved against an order
  • Available - Items that are available to sell, this is the number we report to your stores.

How to allocate stock

  1. Add inventory to individual orders by clicking into Order XYZ -> Allocate
  2. Add inventory to multiple orders by clicking into Actions (order page) -> Allocate. Oldest orders are allocated before newer ones

How does Veeqo decide which warehouse to allocate stock from?

See this guide for more details.

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