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Zapier connects Veeqo with hundreds of other apps including CRM's, accounting apps, eMail marketing and spreadsheets (such as Mailchimp, Zendesk, Twitter and many more services to grow your business!)

This guide shows you how to quickly start integrating Veeqo with the many other applications Zapier supports. As a first step we recommend taking a look at Zapier's Getting Started guide which shows you what Zapier is, and how it works. Taken a read? Now you can jump right in!

What can I do with Veeqo on Zapier?

At present we support the following triggers, searches or actions on Zapier:


  • New Ready to Ship Order

  • New Shipped Order

  • New Purchase Order Created

  • New Customer Created

  • New Product Created


  • Find Product Variant


  • Create Customer

  • Create Product

1. Create a new Zap

To get started Sign Up for a free Zapier account. You'll be asked to choose a few Apps you already use in order for Zapier to help make recommendations for you. In order to get access to Veeqo, you need to accept the invitation for the application here.

Once you're signed in and have accepted the application, press MAKE A ZAP! at the top right of the page. This takes you to the Zap creator which immediately asks you which application you wish to trigger from. If you want to pull data from Veeqo then here you should search for Veeqo and select our application as shown:

2. Creating a Trigger for your Zap

Upon selecting the application you will be prompted to select a trigger. A trigger is something that happens in Veeqo that you want to pass through Zapier and into another application of your choosing. For this example we will choose the New Customer Created trigger which fires an event when a new customer is created in Veeqo, so select this and click Save + Continue.

3. Authorizing your Veeqo account with Zapier

If you already have Veeqo accounts on Zapier (unlikely) then you'll be asked to choose an account. Otherwise you can click Connect a New Account which opens a new popup to ask for your Veeqo API key - with some instructions on how to get it. To get your API key you should go to your Users, click your user and click "Create/Refresh" below the API key.

You have yourself a shiny new API key ( be sure to keep it secret as this contains full access to your account!). Enter this into the API Key field within the authorization popup like so and click to Continue:

From that step we will try to authenticate you using your key. If you followed the instructions and have the correct key, then you'll advance to the next step. Otherwise you should re-check the key to make sure it looks like the one on the screenshot and try again.

4. Testing your Trigger Zap

To make sure everything is well with the trigger and account you set up previously, Zapier will ask you to test this step to make sure it's running smoothly. Before proceeding with this step, make sure you have an existing record in Veeqo depending on what you're triggering so Zapier can fetch this. In this case we need to create a Customer in Veeqo for it to test our New Customer Created trigger.

If you have done this then the request should be successful so you'll be notified of this, and you'll be able to click to view the data it received. Successful? Click Continue to start creating your Action zap.

5. Creating an Action for your Zap

Your Action Zap is something that you want another application to do as a result of the trigger from Veeqo. In this case, as we have a Customer created in Veeqo then we may want to create them as a new Subscriber to our list in MailChimp. If you have another application then you should select these in the list. It's also important to note that Veeqo supports Action zaps, so you could create a product or customer in Veeqo as a result of a trigger from another application.

When you've selected an application, you'll be shown the actions you can perform in their application. For example, Veeqo has two action zaps currently which are: create a new product, create a new customer. For this example we'll be looking at MailChimp which have the following create actions available:

We should select the Add/Update Subscriber action. When this is triggered, it will add a new subscriber to a list of your choosing in a later step.

6. Authenticating your MailChimp account with Zapier

This step can differ depending on the type of authentication that the application you're trying to connect with supports. We'll be using MailChimp as an example, but for authenticating with another application we would advise taking a look at the Zapier documentation they have available.

To authenticate your MailChimp account, Zapier requires your MailChimp username and password in order to connect. Enter this information and click Login, and Zapier will attempt to authenticate you. If all goes well then the account is added to Zapier so you can select this and click Save + Continue.


7. Configuring the Action for your Zap

In this process you add the data needed, and map any data from Veeqo into the application. You'll see a form like the following depending on the application you have chosen:

In this case we have two required fields which are: List, Email.

List - clicking the arrow to the right of this returns the lists on your MailChimp account so you can select from these. For example, we've added them to our "Buyers" list!

Email - this field is a text field, so you can map the data from Veeqo. Click the icon to the right of it and this returns the data that was previously fetched from Veeqo as shown below:

To map the data pulled from Veeqo to this field, simply click the information you want. For example to send the customer's email from Veeqo, we need to click the Email field. After you do this you will see a node appear in the field. You can also add additional text to the field. You should do this for every text field that you wish to fill in the form.

When you have mapped all of the data, click Continue at the bottom and you'll proceed to testing your Zap.


8. Testing the Action for your Zap

Mapped all the data to the fields? Great, now you can begin to test it! You should see a screen like the following:

This will contain the information you've mapped to the form with what has pulled in the Trigger test from Veeqo, as well as any additional data you've added. If it looks fine to you, give it a try by clicking Create & Continue.

This attempts the process so you should see the latest record in the application you chose if everything is successful - Zapier will notify you of this. In this case, we should see our Customer from Veeqo now appearing in our MailChimp list.

Did everything go well? Now you can click Finish to name your Zap which describes what it does and enable it.

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