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Edit Order Cancellation / Refund Email Template
Edit Order Cancellation / Refund Email Template
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Note: Before you can edit your email templates you will need to contact support to have this enabled.

When you cancel or refund an order in Veeqo we can send out a confirmation email to your customer. When you refund the order there will be an option to send the email like shown below.

The Shipping Confirmation Email will include:

  • Products

  • Quantities

At this point you can only use one Email template that is used for every store connected to Veeqo.

Before you start using the email template we recommend that you edit it to include your stores branding. For instructions on how to simply change the company logo check out the Change Email Template Logo article.

1. Go to Settings > Click Email Templates

2. Click Edit Order Cancellation Template  OR  Edit Order Refund Template

3. The following window will then open. Edit your template to how you would like it to look - you may be happy with the way the template is already set up.

4. When you have finished editing your template simply click Save Template

By default the email address in Settings>General is used as the Sent From address for these messages. However, you can choose a different email address for each of your stores by following This Guide.

Possible Email Template Attributes


{{ order.deliver_to }}
{{ order.deliver_to.first_name }}
{{ order.deliver_to.last_name }}
{{ }}
{{ order.deliver_to.address1 }}
{{ order.deliver_to.address2 }}
{{ }}
{{ }}
{{ order.deliver_to.state }}
{{ }}
{{ order.number }}
{{ }}
{{ order.delivery_method.cost }}
{{ order.total_price }}


{{ }}
{{ }}
{{ }}

Line Items

(needs to be in a loop to get the attributes below)
{{ line_item.product_title }}
{{ line_item.sellable_title }}
{{ line_item.quantity }}
{{ line_item.product_image_src }}
{{ line_item.price_per_unit }}
{{ line_item.price_per_unit_inc_tax }}

To add kit content information to the template use the following snippet:

{% for line_item in line_items %}
  {{ line_item.product_title }}:
  {% for kit_content in line_item.contents %}
    {{ kit_content.product_title }} {{ kit_content.sellable_title }} (x {{ kit_content.quantity }})
  {% endfor %}
{% endfor %} 


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