Cancelling orders in Veeqo
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When an order is cancelled in Veeqo the status on your remote order can be set to cancelled and the customer can be refunded from your store.

1. Go to the Orders screen

2. Click onto a specific order to bring up the Order Summary

3. Press Actions

4. Choose Cancel Order from the dropdown to begin the cancellation process.

5. Select the settings that you'd like to apply to this order:

  • You can choose to send an Email to Notify the Customer - This will send out the default cancelled order email to your customer.

  • You can add a “Cancel reason” - add any notes for the reason that this order was cancelled for future reference.

3. Press Confirm Order Cancel to cancel the order.


  • You can only cancel an order before it is shipped.

  • If you would like us to update your remote store status you will need to turn on the setting “When an order is shipped or cancelled in Veeqo, update store and mark the order as shipped or cancelled” Supported channels which we can update the status for are:

  • Amazon (shows as buyers cancelled)

  • Shopify

  • Magento

  • Woo commerce

  • Big commerce

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