In Veeqo, there is a setting that you can enable where you can send your customers a shipping confirmation email as soon as you've shipped the order. Where available the customer will also be given a link to track their parcel too!

To test out your template you'll need to create your own manual order in Veeqo with your test email address. to find out how to create a manual order check out This Guide.

If you would like to add your own branding to the Veeqo email template then check out This Guide

How to enable shipping confirmation emails: 

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Stores
  • Then click into the store you wish to enable to send shipping confirmation emails to customers:
  • Once viewing the store you will then need to select the Edit tab then scroll all the way to How Orders Are Synced:
  • Enable both 'Send my customer a shipping confirmation email when an order is shipped in Veeqo?' and 'Should Veeqo send email order and shipping confirmations to your customers instead of Shopify?'

Note: To prevent your customers receiving two delivery confirmation emails you may want to switch off the option on your remote stores preferences. It is not a requirement to use Veeqo's shipping confirmation emails as we will push up the tracking details to your store(s).

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