We now fully integrate with Shopify multi-location, allowing you to create multiple shipping locations and view your POS stores as different channels, for better visibility of your stock and sales.

Locations are anywhere you sell products, ship or fulfil orders, and stock inventory. So your retail store, warehouses and popups all class as locations. Your online orders and POS order are then assigned to locations, if the order cannot be fulfilled by one location it will be split across multiple locations where there is stock available. 

When you create an order using Shopify's POS the order will pull into Veeqo. The orders can be found in the Shipped filter on the left hand side of Veeqo's Order page and can be sorted out in the Sales Channel filter.

Read more about Shopify’s multi-locations.

This guide will walk you through

  1. How to enable multi-location
  2. Deleting locations
  3. Updating your main location 
  4. How to disable multi-location

Before enabling multi-location please review these points

  • If Veeqo is master of stock: POS’s stores stock can fulfil online orders
  • If Shopify is master of stock: POS cannot fulfil online orders.

How to enable multi-location

  • Go to Stores
  • Select your Shopify store 
  • Go to Edit section


  • Select the Multi-location button and hit save
  • Reload the page and reselect your store
  • In the edit section, you can now select the location setting button 
  • All of your online and POS Shopify locations should appear. There may be a slight delay so if they do not appear, check back after a few minutes.
  • Once you can see all of your locations map them to 

We recommend having Veeqo as master of stock, this allows POS locations to serve online orders.

Updating Locations 

Veeqo sets your main Shopify online store as an online location when pulling from your store

You can only choose one primary location.

  1. Go to Stores
  2. Select a Shopify store
  3. Go to Edit section
  4. Click Location Settings button;
  5. Select the web location option next to the  location you want to be the primary

Please note: Any additional locations after the primary location must have the option Online selling ticked for you to be able to assign the relevant Warehouse to this location. The warehouse will also have to be added to the store using the advance settings section.

Deleting a location:

Delete the location from Shopify first, and then follow these steps in Veeqo

  1. Go to Stores
  2. Select your Shopify store
  3. Go to Edit section
  4. Click Location Settings
  5. Select the bin item at the end of the location you wish to delete
  6. Save before you leave the page

Disable Multi-location

  1. Go to Stores
  2. Select your Shopify store
  3. Go to Edit section
  4. Click Location Settings
  5. Click Turn off
  6. Confirm it.


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