Troubleshoot Scanner issues
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Barcode not scanning

  • If an update is showing as available go ahead and approve the update.

1. Slide the top notification bar down
2. Click on the Veeqo App update notification
3. Approve the update
4. When the app update is complete sign in.
5. Press the Trigger and the F1 key to see if the laser works after doing this

  • Try resetting the Veeqo App

1. Exit the Veeqo app by pressing the app-tray button
2. Swipe the Veeqo app to the right to close it
3. Press the Home Button
4. Open the Veeqo app by clicking on the icon
3. Press the Trigger or F1 button

  • Attempt a factory reset.

  1. Go to Apps and choose Settings

  2. Select Backup & Reset

  3. Click Factory Data Reset

  4. Reconnect to your Wifi

Note: Does the laser light up when pressing the Trigger or F1 Key? If no please contact support

Unable to log in

  • Check your an internet connection by running a speed test

  1. Open the internet browser

  2. Search 'speed test'

  3. Click on Run Speed Test

Note: Did the test complete successfully? If the test did not complete successfully this could be an issue with your internet connection.

  • Try Logging in to the web-app

If you are unable to login to the main web-app, you can try resetting your password.

App fails to update

  • Check to see if the device has the latest version of Veeqo installed

  1. Go to Settings and choose Apps

  2. Click on Veeqo

  3. Under the app name you will see version followed by the numbers.

  4. If your App version number is lower than the version number in the guide, uninstall your current version of the app and download the APK file by copying the URL

Device won’t switch on

  • Check that the battery is charged on the device

Note: If the battery is dead you will need to allow the battery to charge before use

  • If the device is in its charging station remove it and attempt to charge with the power cable.
    1. Open the USB/DC port by pulling out the rubber seal that can be found above the power button
    2. Using the original 5v 2amp charging plug that was supplied, plug it into the mains and the scanners DC port.

Note: Does a blue LED turn on when the charging cable is plugged in? This means the device is charging

  • Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

If the device still doesn’t turn on, please contact support

Error messages

Login Error: (257:Chain validation failed)

This can be caused by the date and time of the device being set incorrectly. To resolve the issue ensure the date and time on the scanner are correct

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