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Update Veeqo scanner Software
Updated over a week ago

Once you've received your device, you'll be able to keep the it updated to the latest version of the app whenever you see the Veeqo icon in the notification bar. If for whatever reason you have not received an update please use the button below on your Veeqo Scanner to download the file.

The latest version of the Veeqo scanner app is 1.22.7

1. If there's a new version of the app available, a Veeqo icon will appear in the top left of your device's navigation.  

2. Swipe down from the top of the home screen.

3. This will pull down the notifications menu, where the new version of the app is ready to be installed.

App Not Auto Updating?

If you haven't had a notification to update to the latest version please follow the steps below to uninstall your current version and download an updated version that will automatically update for you.

1. To uninstall the current version on the Veeqo Scanner go to the home screen and hit the Apps Icon, then hit Settings.

2. Scroll down to Apps and then click on the Veeqo app

3. Hit the Uninstall button and confirm you would like to remove the application

4. Plug the scanner into your Windows computer using the USB cable. Download Veeqo APK file and copy the file across to your handset. On the scanner, click on File Manager on the handset and navigate to the .apk file and tap it.

5. Hit the Install button and your new Veeqo app will begin to install. If there's a more recent version of the app it will prompt you to update

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