Amazon Single Sign On is currently only optimised to work with the Veeqo web app. To sign in to the Veeqo mobile app, you will need to create a password.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the web app on a browser;

  2. Click the settings cog;

  3. Go into β€œusers”;

Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 13.32.29.png

4. Click the pencil icon next to the user you would like to create a password for;

Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 13.33.43.png

5. Enter a password;

6. Confirm your new password;

Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 13.34.48.png

7. Click update user at the bottom of the page;

You will now be able to sign into the mobile app with the password you have created.

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