Team Metrics Report

This article will explain how the Team Metrics Report works in Veeqo

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The Team Metrics Report will keep track of who created, picked and shipped orders.

In the Team Metrics Report you can filter by the following -

  • Location (Which location the order is allocated too, picked from and shipped from)

  • Show Imported Shipments (Products imported from a different country)


At the top of the page, you can change the Metrics by the following options -

  • Picked (How many products have been picked per user)

  • Orders Created (How many orders were created per user)

  • Shipments (How many shipments were created per user)

Note: The Team Metrics Report updates near real time.

At the top of the page you can choose which date to select, so you can view previous data. You can also view by Hour, Day, Week and Month.

You can export the Team Metrics data to a CSV file by pressing the Export button shown below.

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