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Linking a product to a kit

Unfortunately in Veeqo, you cannot merge a singular product with a kit, however this guide will provide you with a workaround

Updated over a week ago

The workaround for this is to go into the Listings page and linking the product directly to the kit itself. Please follow this guide which will help you unlink your listings.

To link a product to a kit please see the steps below -

  1. Navigate to the Listings Page (This will be underneath inventory inside the dashboard)

  2. You should then be able to search for the product you are looking to merge to a kit with

  3. Change the status to ‘Linked’ and ‘Active’

  4. Unlink the listing by pressing the red paperclip looking icon

  5. From there you will see a search bar appear in the listing, you can then search for the existing kit in Veeqo via SKU or product name

  6. Once you found the product you can link the listings by pressing the green tick on the side

Please follow this guide for more information on re-linking your listings.

Here are screenshots to show this process -

Unlinking the listing:


Searching for the existing kit in Veeqo:


Linking the listing to the kit:

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