The inventory history allows you to see all stock changes in date order, all the way back to when they were added to Veeqo. 

You can search to find a specific product and use 5 filters to see a more narrow set of results.

Common use cases

  • See all manual stock adjustments made by your team members for fraud prevention.
  • Verify the stock changes made in the last stock take.
  • Research stock issues. 
  • Look at stock changes for specific product category (using product tags).
  • Investigate a single team member stock changes.
  • See which products stock were changed when you imported a products CSV file.

All of the filters include:

  • Warehouse
  • Product Tags
  • Brand
  • Stock Change Reason
  • User

To find the inventory history report:

Head to Report > Inventory History


From here you can select any of the filters on the left-hand side to find the products any of your products. 

By warehouse: all product in that warehouse will show in your results.

By Tag: All product with that product tag will show in your results.

By Brand: All products that match the brand selected will show in this search.

By reason: Filter by any of the stock change reason in the selection.

By user: Filter by all of your Veeqos users and see which product stock they have adjusted.


You can also search for specific product names and SKU codes in the top right-hand corner

You can filter your search even more by selecting certain dates in the top right hand corner for any manual stock adjustments made in that time period

Orders per page:

You can have up to 50 product stock adjustments visible per page, and change the amount at the bottom left-hand side of the page

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