Product Changes Don't Save
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If you are editing a product Veeqo such as SKU, Product Name, Product Image but the change keeps reverting back after a few minutes then it could be due to one of your online stores overriding the change.

On each of your stores there's a setting called "When A Product Is Updated On My Store, Sync The Changes To My Veeqo Products" This will cause that store to update your Veeqo products if there are any differences between them.

 We recommend that you only have this option switched on for ONE store. Any product changes or titles should be edited on this store. Alternatively, you can disable the option on all your stores so that you can edit product details in Veeqo directly.

How to enable / disable this setting:

  1. Go to Settings, then click on Stores

  2. Then click on the name of the store you want to amend and press the Edit button.

  3. Scroll down to How Products Are Synced heading and toggle off "When A Product Is Updated On My Store, Sync The Changes To My Veeqo Products" 

4. Scroll down further and click Save. (You'll need to do repeat the same steps for each store if you want to make sure any changes made in Veeqo will stay saved)

Note: With this option disabled on all your stores it will mean any changes you make to the stores' listings will not be reflected in Veeqo. If you change the listing titles we will still push stock and pull orders, however the titles and other product details may not match.

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