Deleting your store from Veeqo
Updated over a week ago

If you delete any of your stores from Veeqo we will archive the listings from that store but the Veeqo products will remain. This means that you will still be able to create manual orders within Veeqo for this product or link any listings from different stores to this product. Also should you reconnect the store you deleted you can simply relink the listings.

The Delete A Product guide will show you how to completely remove a Veeqo product.

How to delete a store?

  1. Tick the checkbox on the store(s) you want to remove

  2. Hit the Archive Store button;

4. If you would like to remove ALL the orders/listings in Veeqo that are attached to this store make sure you tick Hide All Channel Entities;

5. If you would like to leave these orders/listings in Veeqo then leave this box unchecked. Hit Confirm to remove the store.

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